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Re: French Presidential Elections 2012

Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
Sarkozy had to lead France out of EU occupation, which he didn't do, quite on the contrary. He's a Vichyst/collaborationist.

De Gaulle knew all too well that the US financed the project of a supranational Europe (he constantly talked about the external federator), which is now imposing its views on each member state against their own free will. He was right to get out of Nato internal command. He remained in the alliance only because of the Cold War context. He thought France should completely get out of it when Warzaw Pact disappeared. Of course his successors didn't do that at all. Quite on the contrary they want a CSDP, subordinated to NATO. Had the CSDP existed in 2003, I would have countrymen in the Iraqi mudbath !!

Peace time conflicts ARE the same as war time conflicts.
Are you seriously comparing Nazi occupation to so-called "EU occupation"? I thought you were one of the more sane people on here.

CdG's fight for nuclear independence and rejection of NATO was purely a matter of national pride. From an economic and defensive standpoint it made little sense. The US drove Germans out of France and funded much of France's post war infrastructure. From a moral standpoint it made even less sense.
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