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Sex before marriage/children before marriage

What are your thoughts?


Things to consider;

On the plus side of waiting for marriage;

Whether the world functioned better when more people waited for marriage to have sex.

Whether we could have stopped STI's/Aids in its tracks if 30-40 years ago we haddnt been so promiscuious.

People who wait generally marry younger. They are at prime breeding age and dont have to worry about getting "too old" to have a child.

There would be more "family unit". Children generally turn out best with both a mother and a father, this is more likely to be the case if people marry, or religious people tend to stay together for the kids more perhaps, though many feel thats wrong.

Eliminates the "need" for contraception.

On the negative side;

Your dream honeymoon is most likely going to be a 30 second explosion if your both virgins on your wedding night.

No try before you buy.

People might marry younger and faster than they should because theyre horny and cant wait

Some people feel humans just arent hard wired to have one sexual partner their whole life.

I know there will be many that might feel sex before marriage is okay, but children should wait for marriage or vice versa. I know its two very different things, but I feel they are interlinked and a seperate thread for both would be overkill.

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