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Re: Best pounding in the chest

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
reluctant adapting to the unavoidable presence of the unworthy faker punk?

Your average MTF Fedtard finds the presence very wrong. And the wrongness is so self-evident, so outrageous, (thinks the smartass Fedtard), that the whole world has gone wrong. Therefore they are compelled to deplore the state of things and mock the reality, so ajde

Just kidding, I don't know what's with all the ajdes really. It seems that everyone is using ajde these days, all tards.

btw, "ajde" is often used as "oh rreally?" or "you don't say" so the effect is often funny
Fraudereresian cynicism, then? Very well.

You still haven't told me whether you're Czech or Serb or both...

Nole fan: "...most Fedtards seem to be very rabid and rude." (I agree 100%)

You can bet Djokovic's mom just screamed "Another king is dead" right about now - in the remotest corner - of her bathroom - followed by "The other one is buried." (from, following Madrid 2011 Djokovic d. Nadal 7-5 6-4)
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