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Re: DC Round 1: Isner defeats Federer 4-6 6-3 7-6 6-2 (USA leads 2-0)

Originally Posted by MrEleganza View Post
The court undoubtedly helped Isner. But that said, did anyone think it would matter beforehand? Federer may not underestimate any opponent, but that doesn't mean Swiss DC organizers don't. I picked SUI to win this tie 4-1. If I would've posted, pre-match, "The ball bounces really high on this court, do you think this will throw the match to Isner?" I don't think anyone could've taken the question seriously, let alone agree that it would.
To a biased fan or less discerning observer, probably not. They usually look at the overall and/or head to head record.
But to an unbiased learned observer that weighs all factors, the conditions are a serious factor.
Due to his height, Mr. Isner slaps high bouncing balls without hesitation and Mr. Federer has consistently struggled.
The outcome? "It's the obvious, really".
What is simply amazing is that Swiss Tennis didn't alter the court to be better suited to their #1 player.
I'm sure this is one of the questions that will be scrutinized...

I'll be very interested on how this result improves Mr. Isner's confidence and results.
Big Davis Cup wins have been a spring board in improving many careers.
I see him as the only American threat at a major this year. But he needs a good draw and some luck to have a chance.

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