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Re: Davis Cup 1R (France vs Canada) - WWW Rubber 4: Tsonga vs Raonic?

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
Can't believe someone would want Milos to be subbed out of a live rubber, especially a canadian who roots for Canadians

It doesn't matter how much of a long shot it is if a match is live you always play it. You don't just say no, what's the point, we not gonna win the other one anyway. That's an insanely stupid way of looking at things, and extremely pessimistic.

Do hcokey teams not play the 3rd period because they're down 5-0, and don't want to tire themselves out to lose anyway?

Do Baseball teams quit when they're down 11-1 in the 8th because they've got a day game the next day?


Sure it would be great if he was rested for San Jose, but this is Davis Cup, and you don't quit until the other team has 3 wins. Even if it seems like a long shot. Milos has a bye in round 1 of San Jose anyway, and if he really felt like he'd be tired he wouldn't have scheduled an exhitibion in San Jose. And San Jose is only a 250 event. It's not like it's insanely critical he be rested.

Milos can win this match, though it is unlikely. And if he does, we're not out of it, Vasek usually plays well against higher ranked players(though he wasn't good against Tsonga). He beat Chela with the home crowd in Montreal last year. Took out Isner in Tokyo. And beat Sela while playing for Canada in Israel. Plus with Monfils' injury who knows exactly fit he will be, and if it's Benneteau, it wouldn't be impossible to pull that upset either.

It's just crazy to think that you would sub someone out of the 4th rubber because you're down 2-1, and you don't think you can win the last
Yeah, basically that. Not to mention that it's actually better for him if he plays it. When you look at it from the point of experience for the future, this match is way more important than whether he's fresh to play Tobias Kamke in a 250 event next week.
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