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Re: The Gaming Thread.

My problems with the game so far (put about 2 hours in):
- Can only choose a playstyle of about 5 players (Federer, Nadal, Roddick and a few others)
- You can't even choose to make your own player have a one or two handed backhand
- Melbourne sign on the back of the court is absolutely blurred and looks horrible
- No Australian Open at night
- No US Open during the day
- In a lot of matches the AI will ONLY serve down the middle, they'll only change to serve out wide if I move closer to the middle of the court just before they serve.
- Career mode is an absolutely joke. You can win tournaments including Grand Slams barely losing points.
- Net play is too dominant. You can literally hit a return against any player (I've even tried vs Roddick) charge to the net and hit a drop volley and win the point nearly all the time.
- The AI will constantly come to net no matter who they are, and we're talking about playing that never coming to the net going there literally all the time.
- Commentary is horrible. Same lines over and over again and I've only played the game for a few hours.
- Players don't have the strengths they should have, for example Tsonga's serve is more useless than Murray's.
- Player selection screen is a mess. Why didn't they go with a simple menu like TS or VT?

But I will say some positives:
- The ESPN Classics mode is a nice addition. Sometimes you'll have to finish matches off (eg. Murray vs Nadal US Open 2008 SF where you begin 2 sets to 1 up and 1-2 down in the 4th as Murray) or rewrite history (eg. Tsonga vs Djokovic Australian Open 2008 Final where you begin in the 4th set TB and you have to win the match as Tsonga).
- Nice selection of clothing and racquets for your custom player.
- Some players have nice character models.
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