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How can a player be "tired" after 2 days rest?

How can a player be tired after a 5 setter when they have 2 days to recover, to do ice baths, god knows what else etc?

I mean, after even hours of running around, you catch your breath after a few mintues.

I mean I can understand how the body is stiff, you certainly get cramps and what not.

But "tired"? I dont think so.

Okay, its hard to back up after hard work outs. Its hard. But in tennis you get breaks.

Cyclists, Runners, they train every day. 2 days rest is heaps to them. I mean Marathon runners run the equivilent of 4 marathons in training a week, the top ones. They run 160KM a week.

Djokovic ran about 11KM over his semi and final at AO.

Okay, a lot of thats sprinting. But still. Thats not the toughest of workouts over 6 hours with rests.

How could you be tired per say?

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