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Re: New Moderators for GM and NT for 2012

Originally Posted by Goldenoldie View Post
With respect, Adey, I'm more than happy with a top tennis tipper and Miss MTF. But we'll judge by results.

I agree that perhaps the names of the unsuccessful candidates could be published for greater transparency.
I don't know the people involved - and am not criticising them personally.

But does your happiness extend to the fact that we don't know why they were chosen, how many others applied, why were these three chosen over others, everyone was given consideration, if not why not, what criteria were they picked on, etc, etc - surely that's the kind of democracy that should be shown on every one of these things where everyone 'supposedly' has a chance.

I am yet to witness this happen in any of these things where applications are offered and as such didn't waste my time bothering applying myself as I'd stand zero chance as I'm not a popular name with loads of mates in the right places so I'll never be able to be picked for anything like this - and my point still remains that all of these things on MTF are always given to favoured well known candidates regardless of whoever applies and newer people are never ever given any chance whatsoever at these things, without consideration that an unknown non-favoured name can possibly do much better at and improve things to the way they have been done in the past and contribute and make vast improvements in areas but are never given a chance of a look in in the first place.

When there's transparency in these things then there might be reason to congratulate - but I most certainly will not congratulate the usual likely shoe-horn in's until transparency is shown.

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