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Re: Drugs

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
I concede this point. I guess I don't have a problem with idiots abusing drugs and killing themselves in the process - no sympathy from me here.
There are a multitude of illegal drugs that can be used without being abused and without killing yourself. Even so there's a multitude of legal means destroy yourself like eating yourself to oblivion, you gonna have a crusade against cholesterol next? Furthermore I can have compassion for my fellow man without the government being my brother's keeper -- I know that's a radical idea.

Just out of curiosity what is the status of alcohol in Singapore? Something that is vastly more damaging and addicting to the human body than Marijuana.
You mentioned heroin in your original post so I was running with that. Sorry what's THC? You were comparing stopping someone from taking heroin (again, using the example in your original post) to telling someone what movie to watch on a Saturday night and saying that the former would, via a slippery slope, lead to the latter. I was merely pointing out how the two situations are falsely analogous.
THC is the principle psychotropic agent in marijuana. As to your latter issue, the point is that when one freedom is removed it becomes that much easier to remove others via precedence -- that should be easy enough to understand. Once again, I wasn't comparing heroin, specifically to watching movies. Stop clinging to that red herring -- I'm talking about the ability to act as you wish provided you aren't infringing upon the rights of others. It could just as easily be a few friends getting together and smoking a joint to relax.
It sounds to me like your objection to making drugs illegal stems from the counter-productive effects it's had in the US with some liberal ideals thrown into the mix. All I'm saying is that criminalisation on ALL drugs has worked in other countries; and it's for this reason, and the fact that I am beyond thankful to live in a relatively safe society, that I have to put aside my liberal beliefs and defer to my authoritative government on this matter. Perhaps legalisation of some recreational drugs with strict regulation would work better in the US, but I definitely do not want to see it happening in my own country.
My objections should've been abundantly clear in the last few posts and they are multifold, there's no need to type them out again and no need for you to try and wrap them in a nice cute bubble. Obviously we have a fundamental philosophical difference on the boundary between freedom and security and that's fine, there's more than two right ways to live -- provided you (and your people) are happy with how you're living.

Just as an aside, don't you think your society is "relatively safe" for reasons beyond the scope of drug control? For reasons the vast majority of other people would probably not be ok with?

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