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Re: The MMA thread - UFC, Pride, Strikeforce etc.

I think Diaz should have gotten the decision. Doesn't matter that Condit landed a few more strikes. He was clearly backpedaling the whole match and fought not to lose, more than to win.

Sure you can blame Diaz for not being able to pin him down and unload his combos but Condit is just as tall, a great mover and obviously had the gameplan of keeping in constant movement and counterpunch.

Diaz could have rushed in more and tried to clinch or go for takedowns but he clearly wanted a boxing match. Condit wanted to frustrate Diaz and get lucky if he overcommited but that didn't happen.

But to me Condit's gameplan kinda destroyed the entertainment. I think the judges should reward Octagon control more. Also factor in that Diaz had Condit's back which probably should have given him the 5th round and Diaz showed the most will to finish the fight.

I can understand that Diaz is mad because he wasn't hurt at all and he wasn't tired. Condit got the skills to win anyway and is a good finisher but for some reason he didn't want to play ball.

The co-main event was more entertaining and I was impressed by Werdums standup but Roy Nelson is very predictable. In heavyweight i think his only chance is to use his BJJ because he's good at locking people up on the ground with his fat and then punching them out. Obviously against Werdum he didn't want to try that and maybe that's why Werdum was so confident in using knees and kicks. I think Nelson should consider moving down a weightclass because in HW most opponents are so much taller and just picks him apart with jabs and kicks. Maybe he loves his food too much for that but he should give it a chance at least
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