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Re: The MMA thread - UFC, Pride, Strikeforce etc.

it was a close fight but i think the judges got it right....i scored it 48-47 condit. although diaz was the aggressor throughout and walked thru most of condit’s strikes (including those ridiculously ineffective spinning backfists), he was unable to cut off the octagon or hurt condit. all the taunting and goading merely reflected how frustrated he was, and while i don’t particularly care for condit’s constant backpedaling, he stuck to his game plan and in the end, his volume, activity and superior conditioning won the fight.

gsp v. condit will make for a far more intriguing fight than gsp v. diaz....though i pick gsp by unanimous decision over either fighter. yes, diaz is one tough hombre but he lacks the speed and technical skills to compete with a guy like gsp.

the co-main was entertaining as big country is always fun to watch with his face-first, bar-room brawl style. he took a few vicious knees to the face but kept moving forward despite a busted up and bloodied gotta love that. verdum is obviously working on his striking but he's still primarily a bjj fighter and remains a 2nd tier contender in the heavyweight division. he wasn't in great shape either (gasping for air midway thru the 2nd rd ) and his punches and kicks were slow and telegraphed.

on a side note, it's shocking to consider that these two guys recently beat fedor and cro-cop - both legends of pride. it just goes to show how rapidly mma is evolving and to compete for a ufc world championship, you need ALL the tools - not just bjj, or wrestling, or striking.
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