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Re: Should the tour have an official review system?

It's easy to say the players should be responsible for managing their challenges and not running out, but that is not realistic. Look at this past AO where there were so many bad calls. The players lose confidence in the linespeople and start making bad challenges, even when they didn't really see the ball themselves, they figure 'these linespeople are so bad... I can't trust them.'

Also, I've seen instances where the chair umpire hesitates in announcing the score and looks at a player with a raised eyebrow. His body language is saying "hmmm, not sure about that call; do you want to challenge?" Then the player challenges and is wrong and loses a challenge! But the umpire practically goaded him into it. The players cannot be expected to watch the lines the way linesmen do; it would take away from their game. So if the umpire wants something reviewed, he should be able to call for a hawkeye review himself.

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