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Re: Should the tour have an official review system?

Originally Posted by lalaland View Post
Since we who watches on TV will get the hawkeye review whether or not the player challenges, I think it is there already, so why not just use it to avoid man-made errors. But then, I'm getting used to the challenge system, it added a layer of suspense to the game, the fans kinda like it. So it's hard to change thing right now. And I'm thinking it's there and it's not broken, so let's not change it.
lalaland i agree 100%. they should either have it or not have it. literally they can practically gurantee a correct answer now if the ball is in or out with the hawkeye system so why rely on linesmen? i get its tradition and all but this is a game about hitting the ball in or out! if a guy hits the ball out and we have a way to know it should not just be ignored!

at the same time linesmen are too traditional and part of the history of the game so that's why I might consider (much like Federer) getting rid of the hawkeye system overall as it can negatively affect the game with players focusing energy on worrying about when to challenge and the # of challenges they have remaining.

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