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Re: Should the tour have an official review system?

i dont really like hawkeye at all. the problem you have is this: currently these still use linesmen AND hawkeye. this is a sport not gambling at a casino.... if the ball is out it should be called out. there should be an added component of pressure to players in a game that has been around for so long. I think they should either use purely linesmen or use the hawkeye system 24/7 using it automatically in any close calls.

if they worked on fine tuning a system so that it checked at a faster rate an automatically no matter what then it would not really add time either because the REF would just call the ball in or out himself without any discussion.

but linesmen are traditional and for that reason i would prefer they make the calls and we just stick with that.

i always thought hawkeye was a cool addition but honestly it adds a lot of stress to players and can affect a match too much. Federer was right when he said they should get rid of it and rely on the umpire and linesmen

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