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Originally Posted by Orka_n View Post
People can't be trusted to take care of themselves. Legalize drugs and they will of course get easier to obtain, which I think will eventually lead to more people becoming addicted and more lives ruined. I for one don't share this "if people want to destroy themselves, then let them"-attitude. (Besides, if a person becomes an addict, there is seldom only 1 person who suffers.)
Isn't that a bit 'patronizing' to say, at the least?
Many folks use drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, pot, whatever), for incidental recreational use, without getting into any kind of trouble at all.

Legalizing certain drugs might of course make some of them easier to obtain, but still, the officially legalized drugs make a lot more of casualties than the forbidden ones so far...
Forbidding stuff has NEVER ever stopped folks from using it.

It all comes down to proper eduction and information. IMHO.

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