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Re: Drugs

Originally Posted by EddceLLent View Post
Will you still be of the same opinion when this section of society that you've completely written off as "doomed" is burgling your house to afford their next fix? You can't just ignore problems like that or they'll come back to bite you in the arse (yes, i'm British )

I think the number of people consuming the drugs is far more important than the purity of the drugs that are being consumed. If illegality means less people consume drugs then that's what I support.
i lived in the uk for a while once upon a time... if junkies are regularly targeting your house, then time to move down to the road... about a kilometre made the difference... from boscombe to southbourne... no dramas there...

and the addiction treatment centres in boscombe don't really work as intended... the re-use rate once treatment was completed is sickenly high - dealers have an audience they don't need to search for... actually, the treatment centres in boscombe were actually a money making venture - the more offenders seeking help, the more private and state money... 'welcome back Mr Birtwhistle'

so... you know...

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why are you so seriously
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