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I think it's all very well to say that drugs should be legalised as long as people are made aware of the risks but the fact remains that people can't always be relied upon to act rationally. We're creatures of emotion, our mood fluctuating constantly and our minds seeking to offload consciousness where it begins to feel uncomfortable. Even if the education is there (which it wont be) people will still take drugs because we aren't simply objective decision makers who will always decide "no I wont do this because drugs are bad". Even if we were, legalising drugs would open the floodgates to unscrupulous companies trying to convince us that we should take drugs.

Drugs should not be legalised. We should do whatever is necessary to prevent people from taking drugs in the first place. The idea that you can artificially alter your consciousness for your own benefit is a dangerous one - because who wouldn't want to do that?

The idea that by legalising drugs we'd be taking money away from criminals is nonsensical too. If only it were that simple that we had a section of society that readily fits into the category criminals. It's this petty lust for vengeance that gets us nowhere - after we're done punishing these people what are they going to do? Get an education and a job and join the society that's been intent on ostracising them? No...they're going to keep being criminals to the detriment of everyone else in society. By no means am I saying that the two aren't linked - but i'm certain that the proceeds of selling drugs are part of what keeps many criminals from indulging in more overt types of crime like robbery. I very much doubt that legalising drugs would lead to reductions in overall crime.

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