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All drugs should be legalized, provided that there will be proper education available about the risks (yes, even using marihuana has its risks - enhanced susceptibility to various mental diseases for those who have a disposition for getting those) to young people. Open, objective information/education I mean - no 'scaring off' people, and no 'advertising' of the stuff either. Just plain facts.

The morbidity and mortality rates caused by legal drugs (alcohol, cigarettes) greatly outnumber those of illegal drugs. The only effect you get with an endless 'War on Drugs' is criminals getting richer-and-richer because of it.

Originally Posted by ballbasher101 View Post
I used to be open minded about drugs. That all changed when I shared a house friends who smoked pot every fucken day . If it was here and there I would not have minded but not everyday. These guys spent all their student loans on pot . At one time they took my rent money from my room without asking. I moved out and I have not seen or spoken to them again . Before they started taking drugs they were good people. Drugs are bad.
These friends obviously had a massive (mental) addiction problem. Every day is just too much. There isn't much difference with folks emptying a bottle of whisky every day... Too much of any drug is always wrong.

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