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Re: How much luck has to do with Nole's success?

Originally Posted by shiaben View Post
Del Potro's injury isn't debilitating though. The guy is getting some decent results. The problem is while he's back at his USO level, the other players have became much better.
DelPotro has been out of the tour for most of about 9 months, his ranking plummeted.
It's merely due to the guy's great talent and young age that he's still managed to make it back to the top-10 - a fact I'm very happy about.
You do not want to know how many players NEVER managed to make it back after an injury like he suffered.

Soderling is sick, but that's his own problem.
WTF??? So contracting a nasty virus infection is someone's "own problem", now?
Now I've heard it all.

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