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Need help with choosing a school! HELP!

Hey guys I appreciate it if you could give your opinions and thought on this. So there is 2 schools available for me. One that is far from my house and one which is near to my house. I get accepted to the further school but I can appeal to the other one until tomorrow. They both offer the same course (nursing) but I'm in a dilemma right now to which one to choose.

First school - Further school (Traveling time is about 1 and 1/2 hour - 2 hours):
Disadvantage - Newer course (opened in 2005 so less experience)
Advantages - More and new facilities/buildings, offers a lot more activities/sports and overall a more bigger school.

Second school - Nearer school (Traveling time about 20-30 minutes) :
Advantage - Older course (opened in 1992, so more experience and more prestigious). A lot of students went there.
Disadvantages - Rundown school, very little activities/sports and also facilities and overall a smaller school.

The first school is one of the top schools in my country overall but the second school is more famous for it's nursing. So which one?!?!

My mum keep insisting for me to choose the nearer school so that it's more convenient for me. I have until tomorrow to decide.
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