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Re: Who the hell on he tour hits a heavy topspin TWO-HANDED backhand?

the slower a tennis court the more likely a player is to get to every shot

therefore it would make sense to build a game around outlasting an opponent rather than outhitting them

the 2 handed backhand is a much higher percentage shot than the 1 hander- its easier- less likely to break down

the topspin shot is a much larger percentage shot than the flat shot- it also allows for a defense to be hardwired (so to speak) into every agressive shot- since even a short ball will kick up due to the heavy top spin

an ideal player on a slow court would have heavy topspin- excellent movement and a 2hander for consistensy

why doesnt everyone hit topspin backhands? because....

1. the 2 hander generates less power- a perfect technique on a 1 hander is much stronger than a 2 hander because of your wingspin- the 2 hander effectively kills off a good deal of power for consistency

2. top spin shots are less powerfull than flat shots- even nadal who generally makes up for his top spin shots with his insane physical ability- had to flatten his shot to do well at the us open

notice the serve doesnt even figure into it- the slower the court the weaker the serve becomes

in a different era where the courts were faster all the superiority the baseline defensive top spin generation have would be nullified- in fact it would work against them

muster never got past the 1st round at wimbledon
bruguera didnt even bother entering for most of his career- not that he had much of a chance

every so often you get a player who transcends even the court speeds and is a true all court master

laver and borg were 2 examples
federer... i cant say- his record on carpet isnt goat worthy but i have no doubt his ability would make him up there with the best

sampras and nadal are products of ther generation- they were exceptionally good at what they did, but you throw them into another era and they probably fold. with sampras its because of his thalassemia minor and with nadal its because of the strings required to give his shots any bite

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