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Re: Chris Bradnam

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
think it was him and David Felgate

they were laughing about the length of skirt between Hantchukova and Petra Martic lol
Bradnam is such a pervert whenever calling WTA matches. Constantly talking about their outfits.

Originally Posted by Mr.Michael View Post
Gee, this Bradnam is so annoying. I was spending a lazy day at my couch watching some telly and every now and then I switched to Eurosport 2 and they were showing the exho from Adelaide. Bradnam and Felgate were in the booth and it was just utter shit. Here's pretty much how the commentary went:

-Good volley

-She's gonna keep him company

-Remember to bring the sun lotion to Melbourne

I mean what the hell is going on? It's like some kind of really, really rotten comedy sketch. Just awful. There must be hundreds of complaints from viewers.
: It's so hilarious how accurate this is.

Originally Posted by Machado & Gil View Post
Actually I found it very funny. Ridiculous type of funny, of course, but still funny. He come up with pretty new crazy rules in this last 2 days.

"When the ball hit more than half line, a player should lose 2 challenges"

"When the ball hits the top of the net, that player shouldn't be allowed to win the point".

And other stiff that I can't remember right now...
Originally Posted by Sham Kay View Post
Plus the Bradnam over-exuberant exclamations of "WOW" and "OUCH" and the classic "HE'S CHALLENGING HE'S CHALLENGING"


Sir Frew (and Jo too) actually laughs a lot and makes silly jokes too, but he still knows when to be serious and even if he isn't always correct, he at least attempts to Analyse the tennis.

WTA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ATP
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