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Originally Posted by Slice Winner View Post
Jo Durie and Frew McMillan are the only ones that don't make me throw up.

My favourite is when Bradnam (in his effort to appear smart by calling things early) shouts "OOH, he's MADE it!" only for the ball to land out, and the epic back-pedalling to commence.
Plus the Bradnam over-exuberant exclamations of "WOW" and "OUCH" and the classic "HE'S CHALLENGING HE'S CHALLENGING"


So someone recently informed me that my sig was empty. Said I needed a life affirming motivational quote by a positive role model like Einstein or Oscar Wilde...

Great tip to stay fit and mobile: If you run up and down the stairs two steps at a time at least once daily, there will never come a time when you can't do it. Until of course one day you mistime a step, collapse and break all your bones... That would suck. But you had a good run.

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