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Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
The Newfoundland(and PEI but that's not what I'm gonna talk about) playdowns were last week. I went down to watch the semi. Both teams were quite dredful, so I'm more than pleased that Heather Strong who made it directly to the final won, I didn't get to watch her play but she couldn't have been as bad as the 2 who were in the semi. Though I will admit some of the awfulness was probably due to the ice, there was like no curl whasoever.

I agree about Jen Jones, I can't stand her either. I hated Colleen too though, must be something with the name Jones that I dislike. Though I did like Jughead Jones in the Archie comics growing up
yeah, the competition for heather out in new foundland is really poor. I always feel like if she's curling well its up to her whether or not she wins new foundland because the difference in talent between he and the rest is still that much. Heather has a chance of actually putting in a respectable performance at least.
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