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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by JanKowalski View Post
That's quite obvious, isn't it? No one else has won 15 slams. You can't really compare Laver's total "slam" numbers (amateur + pro + open) to Open Era players.

Besides, he already has the record at 3x4.
Why would that be obvious? There ARE other permutations possible with 15/16 slams, are they not? like 7 Wimbys, 5 USO's, and 3 AO's and 1 FO for instance, so even though numerically no-one else could have done it, Fed may not achieve it either

PS: Besides which, no matter how "obvious" a record may be, it is still normal practice to note it "for the record"; being obvious is not usually a rationale for omission.

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