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Re: Peter Lundgren glorification thread

An itw with Peter from one of the Russian papers (sorry, I'm not v/ good in translating) :

Can you tell us how you convinced Marat not to break racquets too excessively?

I tell him incessantly that racquets have other uses. He needs to hold his anger back, I think. But that's the way he is and there's nothing you can do about it in his age. I cut off his new racquets expences significantly though. (laughter)

There are talks that you were forcing him to work in the beginning?

That is not true. Well, maybe in the very beginning... Marat is very hard-working and if he starts something he always finishes it. We train 4 hours a day and he puts 100 per sent in it every time. I can guarantee that.

And how you take Safin's love to, let's say, night life?

Marat lives a full life, he loves his friends - what's wrong with that? He's a professional sportsman and his shedule throughout a year is very demanding - constant practice, flights, tourneys. What he does in his spare time is not my business.

What is tennis' place in his life now?

The first, definitely, even the family is second to it. He's changed in many ways. He became calmer, more attentive. I think everyone noticed that.

Can you call yourself Marat's friend?

Well, of course we don't meet every night but if Marat wants to go out with me, I'm always at his side. But we don't abuse each other's company. We meet 3 or 4 times a week, we can go somewhere, just relax.

Did Marat teach you any russian words?

Yes, I know a few, but they're not for female ears. We use b-word very often when we work.

How did you celebrate the AO victory?

The final match ended after midnight, so we couldn't celebrate properly. We simply went to the stadium's bar with our friends to have a few beers. Marat was so tired, he didn't have any energy left to do something crazy. So, this time night Melbourne was safe. But we'll be back next year!

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