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Re: Green in Grand Slams = DOMINATION! Rafa at the Aussie Open 2012

I'm happy to see Rafa winning all his rounds and in straight sets...but I'm not convinced by his performance so far. I can't really see what has changed so much since last year? I haven't been watching ever moment of his last 4 matches but I feel that his serve was quite fast and flat in the first match but then reverted back to how it has always been...a lot more spin and loopier...easier to attack for the great players.

He isn't hitting that many winners or being aggressive going to the net more. At the start of this tournament, when he is playing much lower ranked opponents that he should win easily, he really should be testing out and searching for that powerful flatter USO'10 serve of his!! And definitely work on improving points conversion with much shorter rallies and going to the net to be more aggressive. Rafa is not the same Rafa he used to be....eventhough he can win long rallies, Novak has made the whole world believe that anyone can win long rallies against Rafa so now people are not afraid to try it and stick it out to see if they really can win a long rally against Rafa. He isn't hitting his returns early, he isn't aiming for back of the court or down the lines. Federer is just a genius about placing the ball in the right places...Novak and Murray have excellent down the line how can Rafa win against them if his continually plays the ball short and not back and to the sides (wide) enough? I'm so worried...but I still hope he continues to win and take the Trophy...I do believe that it will be bit a big task at this stage..but maybe he will sudden step it up as his opponents get more challenging? VAMOS!!

My ideal ranking:
No.1 Rafa - he is my god beyond GOAT!
No.2 Fed - only cos his success make Rafa's even better
No.3 Delpo - he is my true no.2!!

I am not enjoying Nole's dominance and I am a Brit who doesn't support Murray!
I also love most lefties and Spainish players

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