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Re: Green in Grand Slams = DOMINATION! Rafa at the Aussie Open 2012

Originally Posted by MariaV View Post
Right about the winners but at least the 1st serve % is still good, gonna need it vs Berdych but also more aggression.
At least I hope the Aussie crowd will be supporting him.
2 h 25 min match time, at least he hasn't exhausted himself, all straight sets so far.
Yes, the good thing is he still didn't prolong the sets to 75 or 76 yet. I still haven't watched highlights of the match but I guess he is on the right path. I don't think Berdych will be a problem. Maybe Rafa will lose a set but then again no Murray in the semis so it is always a good thing preparing for the final + the 2 days rest after the SF match. It's looking good. And again I like Rafa's chances against Rogi in semis more than if it was in a final against Rogi. Because how many times did Rafa lose to Rogi in a final after an exhausting SF?

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