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Re: Miss MTF 2011 - draw, contestants and discussion

Originally Posted by the biscuit View Post
I like the way the draw was done with the name cards. And indeed, very nice handwriting.
Thanks Biscuito

Most of the time guys have worse handwriting than girls and I am no exception of this rule

Originally Posted by Nikki♥ View Post
What is the name of this font?

And what happened to contestant #16?

And why aren't people voting for Tulipe yet?

(An answer to the last question isn't needed, I just want to see actions later )

Didn't exist, I thought she did though

Originally Posted by Nikki♥ View Post
I could have sworn that yesterday we had 16 girls or maybe Javi is just as good at math as me.
Originally Posted by nadejda View Post
I think I saw theMeesh counted twiece in the nominations maybe that's why
I said it, I think I counted theMEESH twice. I was sure we had 16 participants but this is the best possible format right now.

Sorry for the mistake, and yes Nic I am terrible at math

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