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Re: Miss MTF 2011 - draw, contestants and discussion

Originally Posted by rodrigol_87 View Post
You did a really really great work dude!!!! You rule!!!
Thanks amigo. You have done a great job too so far!

Now it's your time to shine with the voting thread

Originally Posted by leng jai View Post
Trip's group
Get her through Leng.

Originally Posted by Hewitt =Legend View Post
Javi you have really neat handwriting.

Also, everyone should vote for theMEESH.

Ok bye.
Thanks mate, although I don't share that opinion

Originally Posted by Mae View Post
I loved the way you started this out without any typing I could read it, but it is still nice you typed it out! Unless I get a PM from a friend who I think is a Man of Trust wanting to collect from what I "owe" him I couldn't possibly vote in this contest. A truly wonderful group of women and I wouldn't want to vote against any of them!
Don't make fun of me

I think I know who this Man of Trust is

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