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Re: HELP STOP SOPA AND PIPA (the Thing That Will Kill Freedom Of Speech For Us Citize

Originally Posted by sicko View Post
please tell me how in earth are you gonna stop online piracy without constraining freedom severely?
By arresting the pirates, maybe? As has just happened to Mr. Dotcom in his New Zealand hideout. It is the online pirates who actually restrict our freedoms, by making it necessary to take measures to stop them. I think it is a selfish attitude to just say let the Mr. Dotcoms steal billions from other people as long as I can get a couple of bucks worth of stuff for free.

By the same reasoning, I gladly go through airport security. It constricts my freedom, but I find it preferable to allowing unrestricted terrorism, as if that would make my life any freer. Sure, I would like to go straight from check in to the boarding gate without anyone ''severely constraining'' my freedom to carry a stick dynamite in my underwear (teethee), but I don't think it would make me feel any freer, just more vulnerable.


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