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Re: HELP STOP SOPA AND PIPA (the Thing That Will Kill Freedom Of Speech For Us Citize

Originally Posted by peribsen View Post

How will they manage to protect legitimate users of the websites they close? Spanish newspapers are loaded today with complaints from people who had been using Megaupload for years as a 'cloud' where they kept their own personal, legal files, from family photos and videos to work files. Right now, they've lost access to their own files. Lawyers are advising them to take legal action, the FBI could have sequestered the private property of several million people around the world.
SOPA may be dead, but that does not mean Internet piracy must be allowed to continue in order to protect people who do business with criminals. ''Mr. Dotcom'', the billionaire owner of Megaupload has a criminal record dating back to 1998. He has been using the internet for criminal activity for 14 years. And you are sympathetic to the people who gave him their private property for safekeeping? Caveat Emptor!

You might as well advise the victims of Bernie Madoff to sue the US government for shutting down his pyramid scheme, because they had entrusted their money to him and the US government had jeopardised the security of their investments.

As with Bernie Madoff, anyone cheated by Mr. Dotcom should sue Mr. Dotcom, don't you think?

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