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Re: Why Do You Prefer Mens Tennis over Women's Tennis?

1. Despite the recent changes in surface speeds/gamestyles, there is still a variety of different types of players on the ATP. The WTA is an even bigger joke with the girls just trying to outlast each other from the back of the court.
2. Screeching is very unenjoyable to listen to. It is terrible to hear.
3. Similar to my first choice, the ATP still has good variance of how fast shots are hit.
4. Men are faster, stronger, etc. Why want to watch something that is slower, weaker, etc.
5. Lots of mentally poor players on the WTA and poor current generation. Just look at Caroline. #1 and no slams won. The Williams (which I hate with all my heart) have shown how much of a joke their tour is by barely trying outside the slams and then decide to turn it on during the slams. Similarly, Clijsters showed the same thing coming back from retirement and beating everyone who had been continuously playing at the slams.

There are more reasons, but I really don't care to share them, waste of time.

This isn't a knock against women professionals, as obviously it takes many years of dedication and hard work to get to where they are, I just don't see the point of watching the WTA for tennis when you have the ATP.

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
I find the women's game more unfair. Some girls are more "man-like" with big muscles and can totally floor the competition. (think the Williams-sisters but now there are others too) It's just sad to see one player being able to serve hard and hit hard from the baseline and the other can't compete. Only thing that could counter these "power ladies" were amplified versions of Nadal like for example Wozniacki that just is incredibly fit and can outrun and outhustle 90% of the women without really being better than them. But there was some true major talent too. Like Henin before she quit

But i do think the WTA tour is improving. It's just that the differences were bigger and possibly everyone wasn't as serious (or cared too much about their pretty looks) to hit the gym enough.

Also need to sort out the groaning. It's stupid and everyone knows it. The 3 set matches are horrible too. Slam Finals have ended like 6-1, 6-1 in under an hour many times. Still they make as much as the men.
Henin? She and Mauresmo were the only players I would actually watch from the WTA.

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