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Re: Do you think either sex has it easier than the other?

In terms of career, women have it much easier at the beginning (it seems easier for them to get the first few jobs and promotions), but it becomes harder for them in comparison to men as they advance. Mostly because most women struggle to have the same emotional equilibrium at the work place as men do. You can see that the vast majority of women advancing to top management have a man-like behaviour.

In terms of relationships, men have it far easier IMO as they tend to get less attached and their biological clock runs a lot slower. At 30, most single women start to get desperate. Of course, this is a general vision as there are a bunch of exceptions on both sides.
Moreover, men suffer far less pressure from society to get married, to build a family, etc. - On the other hand, they do suffer more pressure to succeed professionaly.

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