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Re: Do you think either sex has it easier than the other?

Originally Posted by arm View Post
I don't think that's true for our generation, bilbo. I really don't.
Social status is the only universal trait that all women look for in men, independent of culture and age. You can observe it anywhere.

The dead son of Gaddafi is a good example. Even though he was a well-known murderer, he was engaged with one of the hottest women. Normally you wouldn't understand why, but it's all about the power he had. Doesn't matter how corrupted he was.

Guess why you like Nole?

Originally Posted by arm View Post
You're right about powerful women having more difficulty finding a partner, but that's not because these women are looking for a man with a higher status, it's because most men feel very intimidated by powerful women.
I can totally understand when you think like that, because I was the same some time ago, until I started to read appropriate literature to understand the backgrounds. Your theory sounds logical on the first look, but in reality it is something different. It is true that many men are intimidated by powerful women, but the real reason is (and now you will be surprised by the easy answer ) that men usually are not attracted to women with a higher status. It is an emotional process.


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