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Re: Do you think either sex has it easier than the other?

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
congrats on being able to post to an internet forum all the way back from the 1950s. I had no idea time travel had been invented and is working so well.

What planet are you living on? Every woman I know -- married or single -- has a job.

Moreover, this a one of the riskiest life plans a woman can have. You open yourself up to mistreatment and abuse from your partner, since you can't leave because you need someone to take care of you financially. Also, the extremely wealthy tend to marry within their own class. And the moderately wealthy are vulnerable. We've seen what the economic crisis and downsizing has done to even executive-level jobs. If a woman doesn't have the skills to earn her own money and be independent, that is a very sad and scary existence these days.
The first paragraph is too funny.

Spot on.

Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
It is not what he was trying to say. He was saying that women usually look for man with a higher status, which is one of the universal attraction traits women look for in a man. Of course she can have a decent job but the man should be still a bit "higher" than her.

Because of that, women with lots of power have it extremely difficult to find a partner. So, having a super job can also be a disadvantage for women. Since women have gained so much power in western countries, the rate of marriage and failed relationships has exploded.
I don't think that's true for our generation, bilbo. I really don't.

You're right about powerful women having more difficulty finding a partner, but that's not because these women are looking for a man with a higher status, it's because most men feel very intimidated by powerful women.
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