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Re: Do you think either sex has it easier than the other?

It's about perspective. If you are born in the 3rd world then I think men got it easier. They are more "wanted". They can do hard physical labor and are less expensive since many cultures the woman is married away with some big gifts coming along. The man is also the one that keeps the family legacy going so many parents are desperate for a boy and will treasure a boy more.

In the west it's more equal. I think like many said women have it easier to find a partner. Meanwhile they have it harder to advance to boss status but lets face it: most people won't get a high management job anyway.

One drawback is the childbirth that can cost the career but in some sense that must be seen as a gift as well. They often can form a special intimate bond with the babies that the father can't really compete with and might gain a lot of happiness and such things that makes up for all the hardships of the pregnancy.

Men have to worry about the constant "dick measuring" vs other males that often leads to fights, injuries in sports and other problems most women don't think much about but it's a natural thing for men that start from an early age. Also military service (some countries) and hard dangerous labor is more common that could lead to injury and death.

Women on average live longer. Men are usually bigger and taller and have more things that can go wrong with them. Bigger body parts and organs that can malfunction, more cells that can get cancer etc. (don't bring up breast cancer here because prostate cancer actually kills more, yet recieves not nearly as much funding)

In the end I'd say it's about equal. Life is what you make it and you got to play the hand you are dealt. Imagine how much easier beautiful women and men have over more average looking ones? Imagine all the poor souls that got some chronic disease from birth or a birth defect? Life has never been fair. Men and women can only be totally equal if there were no differences. But there clearly are so...
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