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Re: The Fedal era seems to be completely over or will be by the end of this year

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
Olderer was in a win-win situation when it came to faking life crippling illness (or so his fangirls would have us believe). You see it started in USO 2007 final where he had to rely on a horrendous choke from Novak to win. He realized then, he wasn't an invincible ballerina and a tennis god. So he was fearful that once he's exposed by young, strong and hungry players, his legacy will be questioned. (after all beating clowns like Roddick, and Mugzalez in slams doesn't take much effort).

The mono was perfect: it gave him an excuse in case he lost AND it elevated him to a status of a warrior who never gives up even when he's on his death bed. It all went according to plan. Despite Djokovic and later Nadal who started dominating him in slams, his previous achievements were never under question. After all, Goderer would easily win 3 slams in 2008 if he weren't "sick". Olderer played gullible media and tennis fans like a bunch of pawns on a chess board. Only the perceptive saw through the charade of a tennis player who feared that he was starting to lose his grip on tennis dominance because actual competition had emerged.
stupid post.

the really myth were nadal`s injuries specially in 2009.

federer in 2008 was horrible , losing with many mugs but even with that patetic performasnce he owns nole in us open 2008 and your nadull needs 5 sets to defeat that bad federer in grass.

by the way , mugnzalez humilliated your nadull in australian open , was a really massacre
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