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Re: Djokovic only obstacle in Federer slam success?

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
we can say the same about nadal's match up with novak

the difference is that novak beat nadal on every surface in 2011 but nadal cant beat rog on every surface.
the H2H is 9-17 right?
what do you think the H2H would have been if nadal would have succeed to reach alot more of hard surface's between 2005-2009? can you tell me nadal would still lead the H2H against fed?
I agree & I'm sure Fed would have a winning H2H with Nadal if 14 of their matches had been indoors & only 4 on clay. But the question is about Federer's slam success from here, & in that context, Nadal is still a significant obstacle, particularly now Federer has declined to the point it's hard to see him beating Nadal outdoors, & bearing in mind the horrendous mental collapses Federer has had against him in recent years.

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