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Re: last year down under, 2012 :sad:

Originally Posted by Marine View Post
Actually, I don't like the idea, but he should have stoped before losing at every first rounf in qualifs, in challenger... that's hard for us, I imagine it must be hardest for him to play poorly, and I'm not sure he has fun, even if he says he still enjoys playing tennis.
Yes he should stop before not being competive against those nobodys players but Noumea was really hot and he got a good first set then maybe a sunstroke GS qualies are a lot of pression and without confidence he is bad in those circumstances Q1 in US Open in 2009 and 2011 and weather was really bad today rain, hail wind. I mean i don't believe he will back in top 50 level but he may do well in some challengers and some 250 with a bit of luck. He would just need to find a bit of confidence or a good win indeed but who can be sure this will happen. If it doesn't come before Wimbledon he will stop he's not crazy well not too much He's sensitiv and put of pression on himself especially after that poor cruel loss in Nouméa. Let's see indoor who suits more to his game. He will try a bit more after doing all the off season work and he has no others plans

Originally Posted by Kezzi View Post
Thank god it's confirmed that it's a rumor. This journalist should be fired!
I didn't know Arnaud has an agent.
And does the quote from the open 13 tournament director mean he's playing?
I'm not sure it's a tennis journalist who write this maybe a web editor but one thing sure is that the sentence was not write in good french and people have understand it wrongly That person needs french lessons and know a bit more about tennis.

Caujolle was just saying he didn't know about retirement. It's others french journalist who write he asked for 1 MD WC in Marseille. Arno has almost no more contract so an agent is not very usefull
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