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Re: Anticipating another failure at the AO - Rafachat Vol. 76

Originally Posted by Metis View Post
I'm bored already and I haven't even played it.
You are bored because you haven't played it.


Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
Last night I was laying in bed awake and all those pictures were swirling thru my mind ( yes I had a bad-nights-sleep) and THEN I suddenly occurred to me that Hema and WG used two drawings and a "+"
to draw combined words - suddenly the street and milk bottle that nobody could make head or tails out of made a whole lot of sense (milkyway). I was also then, when I figured that my full potential in this game has not yet been reached.

I admit, that this confession is somewhat embarrassing but I share 2003 philosophy in this regard:

"no point in BS'ing about these things. What can it really get you anyway?"
Yes, I admit to having had similar flashes of insight in the past.


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