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Re: western women converting to Islam

what bullshit, I can easily write that this way to make my case

Allowing a Muslim woman to marry a Christian or a Jewish man, is an exceptional rule applied under special circumstances. And when a Muslim woman marries a Christian or a Jewish man, there is no problem, because she believes in all prophets, and all holy books. There will be no problem between her and her husband in this matter, especially that her religion -Islam- commands her to be good to her husband even if he were Christian or Jewish. And any Muslim woman going through such marriage should have strong belief in her faith, and should strongly abide by her religion.

The reason for forbidding a Muslim man from marrying a non-Muslim, is that a Christian or a Jewish woman believes only in her prophet, and doesn’t believe in prophet Mohamed Salla Allah Allih Wa Salam or any of the other prophets (blessing be upon them).

For example, when this Muslim man, tries to teach his kids to love and respect all prophets and believe in all of them, his non-Muslim wife will not agree, because she believes only in her prophet. She will interfere in the way he raises his kids, and prevents him from raising them in an Islamic way. And here comes the real problem, because he will have only two options, whether he leaves the whole thing as it is, and does nothing about it -which will be an insult to his religion- or he argues about the matter, and this will sure lead to more marital problems.

On the other hand, there will be no such problems between a Muslim wife, and a non Muslim husband, because if this husband tried to teach his kids to love and believe in his prophet, his Muslim wife will not refuse that because she already believes in his prophet and all prophets. This is why Islam allows the marriage between Muslim woman and non-Muslim man, and forbids the marriage between Muslim man, and non-Muslim woman. Because Islam respects the marital relationship and wants to guarantee its stability, not because it respects women, and disrespects men …
let's pretend it has nothing with giving a man (who happens to be the one dictating the religion) more rights for himself when he happens to lust over a girl that isn't of his same religion, and then deny women the same right

reminds me of the whole polygamy debate and why women aren't allowed 4 men, traditionally they said because then how can we know who the father is? yet now in the age of DNA profiling and that out of the question it still is prohibited
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