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Re: western women converting to Islam

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
without claiming expertise, isn't the same for all religions really? if you want to marry in a Catholic Church you and your couple will be required to convert to Catholicism (if they're not already).

if you want to marry in some sinagog (or whereever it is where the Jews get married), you'll have to convert to Judaism

why should we expect Islam to be different?

i think the real matter is that a lot of people assume all Muslims are totally driven by their religion. needless to say, that's far from being a reality. to that extent, one can easily cite the example of marat safin who is a Muslim and yet doesn't seem too compromised with a life of religious fervor.
Really, I don’t know where you live, but in the United States this is not true at all. Jews are married to Christians, Catholics to Baptists, and all sorts of religious mixings. I even know of one couple of jewish and hindu faiths. Of course, the norm is that a couple decides together how or if they want to worship.

I have heard that a muslim woman cannot marry a non-muslim man. I suppose there is some tradition that the children take the religion of the father. Whereas in the jewish tradition, children born of a jewish mother are jewish. These sorts of things are rooted in culture and don’t make a lot of sense in a society where religions can flourish together and people are free to marry whom they choose.

Also there are all kinds of different adherence to faith. Clearly Marat Safin is not a devout Muslim although he may identify with having been raised as a chid in that culture. I was identify with a Christian culture because that’s how I was raised, but I don’t claim the status of a believer.
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