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Re: western women converting to Islam

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
I don't claim expertise either, but I've always understood Islam to be more strict about a non-believer converting to Islam if the non-believer wishes to marry a believer. That's what I've heard from all my Muslims friends at least (I'm actually Singaporean, not Australian, in case anyone's fooled by my fake country flag). I have had next to zero experience with Judaism so I can't comment, but if I do marry my Christian boyfriend, it'd probably be in a church - and I have zero intention of converting (I'd also have a secular wedding for sure though).

Back to Islam - I'm of the view that there's no one right "Islamic way", so to speak (well, duh, really); it's just that this "conversion by virtue of marriage" thing has appeared to me to happen more frequently for Islam than other religions.

I see your point re. your last paragraph. That said, from my experience, the Muslims that I know generally tend to follow their religious practices more than the Christians, Catholics or Buddhists. When I say that I don't mean they wear a burqa or whatever (although many Muslim women in Singapore do); they just tend to follow certain rituals more than followers of other faiths. Friday prayers, for instance; on the other hand, some of my Christian friends barely go to church.

Of course, that may just be simply a matter of 1) I know more Christians/etc than Muslims; and 2) Islam has more religious rituals, maybe. I just find it interesting, this seeming difference between followers of Islam and followers of other religions.
yes, even though i literally know no Muslisms, i take it as granted that on the whole scheme of things they're generally more devouted to their religion than Christians.

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