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Re: western women converting to Islam

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
I'm confused too.

I surveyed a number of sites, but was unable to find a simple answer to the question, "Does Islam permit a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman?'

Maybe you can help. Did you have a civil marriage or were you married by an Imam who knew your wife was not Muslim?

For me as an atheist, the whole thing about converting when marrying just illustrates the irrelevance of religion. One would think a particular religion should be something someone should come to after some thought. But it just seems to be a cultural convenience now.
If your wife has not converted freely then she must believe in her Christianity. But she seems willing to throw that away for the sake of conformity.

Maybe I should just ask abraxas.....
He can, under the condition the children are raised as Muslims. A Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim because then there is no guarantee the children will have Muslim upbringing.
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