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Re: western women converting to Islam

Originally Posted by Sham Kay View Post
I suppose people belong to a particular religion not because of the comforts and freedoms they're given, but because they believe it speaks the most truths, especially regarding how we should be living. These Western Women and all the other Islam converts must simply just want to belong with the religion which they believe will make the world a better place to live.
1.) No, I think it's far too simplistic to say that people follow certain religions because they believe that they espouse the most truths. Surely it must be the case that a vast majority of religious people in the world are born into families or cultures where they'd be ostracised for not following the religion that the rest of their family/society are. I think it's probably a very small minority of religious people that have finally chosen that path after careful spiritual contemplation.

2.) Maybe it's just me being cynical, but perhaps western women marrying muslim men and converting to Islam is just a reaction against feminism? A lot of women want to be submissive and maybe they feel more comfortable being in a relationship where the man is in charge and their roles are more clearly defined.

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