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Re: western women converting to Islam

Originally Posted by swisht4u View Post
Religion is just a preference, like having a stand against abortion or some other point of view.

Most of these religions have people in the past communicating to god.
No one today can say this, they would be locked up even if there were witnesses.

There's nothing wrong about liking or not liking Islam, it's just a different point of view.
People get ridiculed on points of view all the time and there's nothing wrong with doing the same to religious believers of a certain faith.

Some think some faiths are just over the edge and don't care for the followers of that faith, this can be called anti-islam, anti-christian or anti-semitism.

It's not always people hating the followers of those faiths but the repulsion that they could get brainwashed so easily into believing in them.

With this set of rules I have no problem with people saying bad things about a religion, everyones point of view in this area should be expressed if they want, it's not always hate as I mentioned above.

I was raised catholic, if anyone has bad things to say about it this is fine, I can't expect everyone to agree with my viewpoint even though now I don't agree with it either.

anti-islam, anti-christian or anti-semitism, just points of view and it's fine by me if any of these man-made rules that involve god is looked down apon.

These western woman made a choice, it means little unless rules from the religion start effecting the law and imposes these rules on everyone.
There is forced conversions in some parts of world and brainwashing too.In the video it says women in London cannot walk safe in streets without belonging to Isalm.Why governments are not stopping forced conversion?Some muslim laws are not friendly.In Midle east countries worshiping other Gods is banned.Christianity, Budhist, Hindu countries do not have such laws but why Islams have that?
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