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Originally Posted by ibreak4coffee View Post
Just curious but why do you post on these forums? Is this what you call a contribution? Are you expecting everyone to overreact like you do to one match and declare you the smartest person on this thread because you accurately predicted a result that was 50/50 to begin with?
Originally Posted by misty1 View Post
i really dont know whats happened to you, you used to be a canadian supporter.And yes you can be a supporter and remain realistic without posting this. Your sounding like an out and out hater

wether you choose to see it or not the kid has talent. Do i think he's over rated? i think that there are some posters on here that are expecting way to much of him already such as winning the first title and cracking top 50 by years end .

however if all you can come here to do is post stuff like this then you really have no point coming in here. You call him shitty and pathetic, your the one who's acting shitty and pathetic
Originally Posted by 2eazy View Post
any way this guy can be banned? it really discourages anyone with any credibility in tennis to post when you get comments like this
I believe that poster's name here reveals what kind of poster she is
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