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Re: Professor Johnny Groove's Top 55 tennis players of all time (Djokovic up to #31)

Lendl vs. Nadal is something I gotta take a closer look at.


Nadal- 10
Lendl- 8

Slam Finals W-L:

Nadal- 10-4 (71.4%)
Lendl- 8-11 (42.1%)

Sure, Lendl made 19 slams finals to Nadal's 14, but only won 8 to Rafa's 10. Career Grand Slam in homogenization era vs. varied 80's surfaces argument, I think those stats cancel each other out. In terms of slams won, and grand slam finals win %, Nadal takes it.

Career W-L

Nadal- 541-116 (82.3%)
Lendl- 1071-239 (81.8%)

Very close here, Lendl played nearly double the matches, but Rafa has a slightly higher win %.

Weeks at #1

Lendl- 270
Nadal- 102

This is Lendl's best argument here, not even close.

Masters 1000 (or 80's equivalent)

Lendl- 22
Nadal- 19

Close, but Lendl edges it.

Rafa's Davis cup record at 19-1 is much better than Lendl's 18-11, and Nadal also won an Olympic Gold.

Masters Cups

Lendl- 7, 5 ATP, 2 WCT
Nadal- 0, only 1 final

This is another big argument for Lendl. In fact, one could surely argue that Lendl's Masters Cup wins in 1981 and 1982 could equal slams, putting Nadal vs. Lendl at 10-10 in theory.

It is so damn close. Basically, at the end of the day, it boils down to which records you see as more impressive. Lendl's sheer number of titles, and slams, and slam finals, and this and that, over 1000 ATP wins with almost 82% winning percentage. But he never won Wimbledon and his slam finals % is shit compared to Nadal. But Lendl has way more weeks at #1! And he would destroy Nadal indoors!

Damn dude, it is close. I think another slam for Rafa would get him into the #9 spot right behind Borg, and then Rafa and Borg would have 11 slams and we'd argue them two and Budge for #7-8-9. If Rafa wins 2 slams, particularly if he gets another career slam by winning AO and USO 2012 and gets back to #1, I could put him past Don Budge up to #7 all time for Nadal, with 12 slams, gunning for Gonzales and Sampras, who each have 14 slams.

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