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Re: Forum Party for Marcel

Oh what a place!!! Lot of nice thinking!! I'm still feeling a gala mood for his own forum!!

Thanks for anyone for the nice words to Marcel, some great opinions make me happy and proud. Also I say thanks to posters who called me!!

And once again thanks for voters and mods!!

Originally Posted by but-it's-ok View Post
So happy for you Diana! Thanks to everyone else who helped to make this happen,and to the mods too!

It's so exciting when a player that is under-rated,not well known finally gets a Forum,I can speak from experience,way back when(2008)campaigning for recognition in this way for another player I love(and still do). This feeling is awesome again,this time for Marcel

I watched Marcel in Valencia,I was very impressed with him,the first time I had watched him at length,all the way to the title! I got very weepy when he won the title! He works so hard,he has lots of shots,he can change tactics effectively,he has a really nice temperament and is a very guy too!

I hope his fan base will grow and grow.

Btw his forthcoming partnership with Lukas Kubot was made in heaven for a special person here wasn't it? I hope they enjoy playing together in Sydney,and that they decide to pair up more often thereafter. First time pairings are great fun,this one especially I have a feeling!

Wishing all of Marcel's fans a happy new year,and to Marcel,continued success in 2012.Lets enjoy the Forum!
Di!! Nice posts, enjoy to read!!

Oh I've seen it in a morning and I almost got a heart attack when I noticed them together!! These moments were very crazy and can't wait Sydney!!

Never ever give up
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